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Unleash the Power of Your Team

Creative training and media content creation to unleash your team’s full potential always

Interactive real-life scenarios↗

No boring power-point presentations (although we bring one in to ease you in)! We go bold. Clear the chairs and bring comfortable clothes! In our interactive, on-our-feet-trainings, participants will test their limits in real-life scenarios adapted to your business context, interacting with colleagues and actors to learn invaluable lessons while simply “playing around”.

Tailored to your business ↗

No one size fits all trainings, we adapt all our workshops and trainings to the needs of your business. We discuss your training needs in an initial conversation and then propose a custom-made program according to the time available for training with add-on packages, like camera training, at your choice.

Long-term effective↗

Lessons learned in the act of doing stick with you immediately, and last longer than anything you simply read or hear about. Moreover, we offer to create training videos and marketing content as part of our trainings which allows you to share the knowledge with the rest of your organisation or the world.

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.”

– Rosalind Russel

Play To Learn

Communication & Confidence Workshop

A workshop tailored to your teams’ and employees’ training needs. Some of the training contents requested in the past were: communication training through acting, conflict and emotion management, team building, camera work as a feedback tool, working with acting scenes to simulate real-life scenarios at work, and much more. Participants learn invaluable lessons about themselves and how they interact with others.

Rise to the Role

Leadership Coaching

Ideal for new and emerging managers as well as seasoned professionals in leadership positions who want to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour and interactions. Through pure experiential learning, they will be able to try new ways of handling situations and experiment with new leadership styles. Most importantly, they gain awareness of their own demeanour and how others’ perceive them in a safe and playful environment.

Act the Part

Storytelling & Scriptwriting for Sales

This workshop is perfect for consultants, sales people or anyone interesting in creatively using acting methods to inspire and motivate others. Participants learn impactful storytelling, writing sales scripts or pitches and practically experiences the impact of their emotions, body language, tone, expressions and words, especially when using camera work as a feedback tool.

Play To Learn Recorded

Training + Engagement + Corporate Video Output

Any of our workshops can include the “Recorded” package, but it’s often requested in combination with the “Play To Learn” workshops for employees. We prepare workshop participants using various acting methods to enable them to ‘perform’ in sales or training videos for your business. Such media output is often used to share knowledge within the organisation, attract new hires, as a product or service demonstration, a sales video for your business or simply as a tool of employee engagement. The possibilities are endless.


Marketing & Storytelling Consulting

This is consulting from a purely creative storytelling view: What stories do you tell your customers, employees and yourself? What are the narratives that run through your corporate culture? What is the story you want to convey internally and externally? Using storytelling techniques and a performance mindset, we give an outside perspective on your marketing and sales strategies and suggest strategies and tools to implement these news stories both within and outside of your organisation.

Acting Out

Dealing with Difficult People & Conversations

Everyone will know a person they find challenging to deal with. This very specialised training uses acting techniques and methods to approach conflict in a different way. It teaches tools to understand a person’s own reactions and the behaviour of others as well as how to mitigate conflict by re-enacting real-life scenarios, possibly involving real-life actors, in a playful setting.

“It was playful. It was inspiring. And it was fun! We didn’t see the time pass although it was a full day workshop! There is so much to think about and process. I cannot believe how much we learned in so little time.”

– Jessica, Consultant (Play To Learn Workshop)

Bringing Acting to Your Business

About Us

Who We Are

We bring acting methods and techniques to the business context to shine light on human behaviour. We uncover the unconscious, the unknown and the uncomfortable in a fun, explorative and playful setting to free up your employees, leaders and sales people to allow them to perform effectively.

We unleash your teams’ full potential.

Our Vision

Creativity and play are essential to connect with our true selves. Individuals and groups thrive most when they can bring their whole self to work.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make people bold. Bold to feel, bold to be themselves. We strive to help companies and their employees to unleash their full potential always.

Explore Our Inspiring Trainings

Ready to Unleash the Power of your Team?

Our trainings are tailored to the individual learning needs of your teams and employees. We offer pro-active real-world applied trainings where attendees learn in the situation in the moment by failing and laughing about it. We create a learning culture where self-reflection is a tool to continued learning and growth.

Help your teams become more productive!

“It’s got to do with putting yourself in other people’s shoes and seeing how far you can come to truly understand them. I like the empathy that comes from acting.”
– Christian Bale